Air Conditioning & Recharging

Air Conditioning recharging is required after an air conditioning component is replaced through collision or repair. As your vehicle ages, recharging is also required when your cold air starts to feel warm or close to room temperature.

The refrigerant liquid inside of an Air Conditioning unit is sealed inside aluminum tubing, the refrigerant does not evaporate, burn, or get used up. If you need to recharge your unit, it simply means that you have a leak somewhere within the system.

Once you have a leak the refrigerant will start to slowly evaporate into the atmosphere. Often leaks are so small and difficult to detect that a dye is injected into the system which allows for easier leak detection. If the leak is detected and repaired a recharge can bring your air conditioning back to life.

In the event of a leak Imperial Auto Body recommends a full air conditioning inspection which will allow us to trace the leak and provide recommendations for repair.

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