Are there any hidden costs?

When you stop by for a quick estimate, one of our staff will write a visual damage appraisal. At times all damaged items cannot be readily viewed by the appraiser. Today’s complex vehicles with large plastic bumper covers and plastic shrouding will cover damaged inner components. As repairs progress and the cars are dismantled for repairs, additional damages are discovered. This is a common issue in the collision and insurance business today.

Approximately 20 percent of vehicle repairs have part or labor additional of one type or another. The insurance companies would prefer that we write what we see, not what we presume. They would rather handle the additionals or supplements as they occur. On customer or third party pay repairs, additionals are always a concern. All parties must be aware of the possibility of additional hidden damages.

On the vehicles that are towed in, non-drives as we refer them, the cars are brought in and torn down. The damages components are dismantled for a thorough inspection of inner components. These estimates tend to be more accurate, but the car has also been taken off the road.

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