Minor Rust

These days auto rust is a fact of life, affecting thousands of vehicles of all makes.  In 99% of cases, rust can be completely removed and your vehicle restored to complete satisfaction.

A small chip or minor scratch on the body of the car can initiate rusting. When the surface paint and primer is stripped away, moisture, water and oxygen come into contact with metal and rusting begins.

It is essential that these rust blemishes are repaired in a timely order to avoid rust perforation and deterioration of body panels and surrounding areas.

Rust that is left unattended can quickly develop into rust perforation and holes in the sheet metal, this level of repair calls for fabrication where sections of metal are welded to replace the rust damaged areas. In severe cases panel replacement may be required, for example the replacement of a fender, tailgate or decklid. Imperial Auto Body are highly experienced in rust removal and repair.

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