Who is at fault?

In the event of a collision where the police attend, the police will review the event and point fault to one party or another, normally with a ticket. At times, the police will not attend. Private parting lot mishaps are the most common of these. When the police do not deem fault, the two insurance companies will compare notes and determine fault. We have seen 100, 50/50, 75/25 faults.  The insurance companies of Ontario will at times refer to a fault chart. Picture it, a large book, documenting every traffic accident scenario and how the fault had been determined in courts.

However, In a perfect claim, Party A is 100 % at fault, and Party B is not at fault

Party A repairs his vehicle through his collision coverage.  A deductible is charged. A rental is supplied if part A had purchased loss of use from his insurance provider. Party A can expect an insurance premium increase on the next renewal.

Party B repairs his car through his Direct Compensation coverage. No deductible is charged. A rental is supplied, weather party B has rental or not.  Party B has no insurance premium increase. The entire claim does not affect his insurance in future years.

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