What happens if my vehicle is written off?

A vehicle is deemed a total loss when the repair cost exceeds the value of the vehicle. Your insurance company will settle with the resale value of the vehicle including the HST. The value is deemed based on the condition of your vehicle prior to the loss.

You can determine the average cost of your vehicle by visiting autotrader.ca where you can find vehicles of similar year, mileage, and options. One you have settled with the insurance, you will be given time to remove personal belongings before the wrecked unit is sent to a salvage auction. The units are normally sold to auto salvage yards were the parts are harvested and sold to market.

If you wish to retain your salvaged vehicle for the purpose of repair and return to the road, Imperial Auto Body can repair your damaged vehicle and if required, supply a structural safety certificate. This document is similar to a safety check but certifies the frame and uni-body structure has been fully repaired. Most insurance companies try to discourage their clients from retaining the salvage,  there was probably sound  reason as to why the vehicle was not repaired.

Please note that if you are repairing your salvaged vehicle yourself, you must be fully aware of the repair procedure before carrying out any repairs to ensure qualification for the Structural Inspection Certificate.

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