Mirka Dust Extractor

Mirka’s innovative ‘net’ sanding concept is unlike any other. The patented construction consists of a dense network of polyamide fabric threads onto which the abrasive grit is bonded. This open weave, net structure means that no dust particle is more than 0.5mm from a dust extraction hole. The result is phenomenal dust extraction across the entire abrasive surface and virtually dust-free sanding!

Dust-free sanding

The exceptional dust extraction ability of Autonet/the Mirka net products has to be seen to be believed. Tests have shown that Autonet produces a miniscule amount of dust compared to conventional dry sanding technology with extraction. The Mirka net products are so efficient at removing potentially dangerous sanding dust they minimize dust contamination in the workplace and creates a far healthier environment.


Mirka net products eliminate the frustrating problem of dust clogging the abrasive and creating pills which cause defects in the sanding surface. Therefore, the net product retains its original aggressive sanding performance for far longer resulting in fewer abrasives being needed for a given job. Since dust is continuously being sucked away it’s always possible to see exactly what is happening at the sanding surface. This gives the user greater control over the job and avoids problems such as over sanding.


The Mirka sanding nets are completely even. With thousands of holes they provide a phenomenal dust extraction. The maximum distance from each sanding particle to the closest dust extraction hole is 0.5 mm.

Find out more about Mirka here http://www.mirka.com

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