What to do after an accident

Determine the Extent of Damage or Injuries

Try to stay calm. Panic can make others panic and the situation worse. There needs to be a calm person to determine the extent of damage and to determine if there are any injuries that need immediate medical attention.

Get the Facts

This is the part most people know to do, but often forget to after the accident for one reason or another. It is important to get names, address, and phone numbers of everyone involved in the accident. A description of the car and license plate number can also be helpful, but make sure you also get their insurance company and the vehicle identification number of their car. Don’t just assume the license plate number will do because most insurance companies only record the type of car and the vehicle identification number, not the license plate number.

File a Car Accident Report with the Police

According to the Highway Traffic Act, where combined damage to property of $1000 or more, the collision must be reported to police. In Chatham-Kent, the police now offer a safe and convenient method to report property damage collisions. Rather than waiting at the side of the road, or blocking traffic waiting for the police to arrive, citizens can now uses the Collision Reporting Centre.

The Chatham-Kent Police along with Accident Support Services operate a CRC (Collision Reporting Centre) out of our headquarters at 24 Third Street, Chatham.

This service is available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily (not on weekends or holidays). Both drivers must agree to use this service, if one does not then call police to attend the scene.

If a “minor” collision occurs both drivers shall exchange information: driver’s license and address information, vehicle plate and description from permit (green paper) and insurance information (pink paper). They can then drive to the headquarters and report the collision.

Collisions not involving injury that occur anywhere in the Municipality can be reported here at the convenience of the involved parties (usually just after it happens, but within 48 hours (over a long weekend 72 hours).

Vehicles that need to be towed can be brought in from Chatham and the immediate surrounding area, but from the outer areas of the community please call for an officer to attend the scene if towing is required.

Collisions involving suspected impairment by alcohol or drugs shall be called in to police for scene attendance and not use the CRC. Collisions diverted to the CRC allow police to reallocate the time they would have spent investigating the collision to higher priority needs in the community.

If your vehicle is non-drivable

If your vehicle is not in drivable condition, you have the option to tow your vehicle directly to CARSTAR Imperial or a repair facility of your choice. If you’re unsure of a repair facility, the tow company will transport your vehicle to a police compound where your vehicle will be held safely until you provide further direction.  CARSTAR Imperial specialise in handling non-drivable vehicles where special equipment is required to transport a damaged vehicle in and out of our repair facilities. If you are unsure where you would like to take your vehicle, CARSTAR Imperial will be happy to receive your damaged vehicle and discuss available repair options with you and your insurance company.

Pursuing an insurance claim

Once you are home safe and comfortable, you will need to decide if you are going to move forwards with an insurance claim, or if you would like to handle your repairs outside of your insurance policy.

We find many people visit us to determine the extent of their damage for decided on a route forwards, CARSTAR Imperial specialise in writing visual damage appraisals while you wait, with no appointment necessary. You will leave our facility with a detailed repair estimate which will enable you to make an educated decision.

Your right to choose

If you have decided to make an insurance claim, you are able to select a repair facility of your choice.

As you discuss your damage claim with your insurance adjuster, they will recommend a list of repair garages in your local area. These garages are commonly known as ‘Direct Repair Shops’ who are trusted for providing credible vehicle repairs. CARSTAR Imperial is a direct vehicle repair facility who work directly with your insurance company. A damage appraisal will be performed on your vehicle and a virtual estimate will be submitted to your insurance company for review and authorization.

All vehicle repairs carry a CARSTAR Imperial warranty which is backed by leading manufactures.

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